tjomur & YANA – We Contain Multitudes


Cover / 21st October 2020

The song “We Contain Multitudes” by Ólafur Arnalds in the cover version of tjomur and YANA successfully combines two worlds: acoustic, represented by the piano and multi-layered violin lines, and electronic, mostly built on different kinds of synthesizers. Based on an excerpt from a theme from the original piece (written exclusively for piano), tjomur and YANA have created an extensive, structured composition. Dynamics and a kind of “drive”, next to synthesizers, are added to the piece by drums, the basis of which can be found even in drum-genre compositions. In opposition to the percussion and extended synth parts, there is an acoustic piano appearing in harmonic, thematic, and percussion (prepared parts) layers, as well as multi-layered, spatial lines of the violins. Maciej Milewski is responsible for the mixing and mastering of the track.

„One of the best covers I ever heard of my music.” – Ólafur Arnalds

„Something that was supposed to be a shared moment only with Ólafur Arnalds fans on Instagram, became unexpectedly a great cooperation with YANA.
Despite that my short demo shared by Ólafur Arnalds on his profile in Instagram Story had only about 30 seconds, the outline of which way I would like to go with the track was in my head from the beginning. So when Ólafur asked me to send my version once finished, I knew immediately that I wanted to ask YANA to work on a track together. When I first encountered her music during her “Light” single premiere I felt that our musical tastes are similar and therefore our vision of the “We Contain Multitudes” version would be consistent. Without any hesitation, I can say that my hunch came true 100%. YANA did a fantastic job, without her this song couldn’t exist.” – tjomur

“I was very happy when tjomur invited me to take part in creating a new version of Ólafur Arnalds’ piece – “We Contain Multitudes.” Ólafur’s music is really close to me and has often inspired me to create my own songs. I knew it would be a big challenge, because I had not had the opportunity to work with another artist in such a way, and besides – the original piece and its creator set the bar really high. I agreed without hesitation, after hearing a fragment of the idea that the tjomur sent me, I knew that this direction was perfectly fine for me. On a daily basis, I create music that is full of calm and melancholy, I use mainly acoustic instruments. tjomur proposed a slightly more dynamic version of “We Contain Multitudes” and I felt that it was something that I wanted to participate in for a long time. I think that we complemented each other very well in this cooperation: tjomur was building the electronic layer of the cover, and I filled it with the contrasting sounds of acoustic instruments.” – YANA