YANA feat. oly. – Somewhere Else


DL / 9th September 2020

‘Somewhere Else’ is the newest single from YANA – an artist based in Gdańsk, Poland. So far, YANA has shared only instrumental music that combines the features of modern classic and ambient. This time, however, the artist added some lyrics to her music and invited a singer – oly. – to collaborate. The lyrics and music in „Somewhere Else” are very personal. However, the process of creating a piece, cooperation with oly., which had to take place only via the Internet, the condition of the world and people during this strange and difficult spring, the time of isolation – all this contributed to giving a new dimension to previously written words. This title “somewhere else”, when appearing along with the surrounding reality, became a response to the dream of a life without fear and full of hope.

„oly’s voice, her music, and everything that surrounds her delighted me many years ago, while still in college. There was a piano in the apartment I rented, and the thought was already dawning in my head that I wanted to create my own music and that this need was extremely strong. Some time has passed and today I can share the song that we created together in difficult times of domestic isolation. I am extremely happy that oly. lent her beautiful voice and extraordinary sensitivity to this song. She truly breathed life into the words I wrote. I am also glad that the song, the sketch of which was created in winter, in a sense matured as a response to the circumstances in which we created it.” – YANA

“Our cooperation with YANA started in the spring. Trapped in our homes, on the two ends of Poland, we couldn’t meet or talk live.
But YANA wrote a song so moving that neither the distance nor our short acquaintance could prevent her further fate. When I recorded my first vocal demo in April, the world was in apathy. However, looking at still naked, gray trees and singing the lyrics “life is somewhere else”, I felt that this life we miss now is hidden elsewhere – waiting for its moment, which will come unexpectedly, against our plans and intentions. “Somewhere Else” is a story in which everyone will find a part of themselves – impatient, and longing, but also full of hope.
I am very grateful for this amazing adventure in the world of YANA.” – oly.

The video with the musicians was created in the raw and intimate space of the Boto Theater in Sopot, Poland. The video was filmed using the one-shot technique, which allows for a unique close contact with the image space while watching it.