MaJLo feat. Natalia Grosiak – Złoto


Singiel / 23th September 2020

‘Złoto’ is the second single announcing MaJLo’s upcoming album. Natalia Grosiak, a vocalist from Mikromusic, took part in the song. The piece was written this spring, and the cooperation between the artists took place during isolation, via the Internet. This difficult beginning of the year was for many people an attempt to maintain interpersonal relations. The text of the song is an intimate reflection of a man who, despite sentimental memories with a very close person, finds meaning in observing her happiness. The instrumentation is based on the pulsating part of an electric piano, enriched with a series of analog sounds, derived from guitar effects and synthesizers. The image accompanying the song was recorded with an old 8mm camera, which MaJLo purchased at an auction, right after finishing work on the song. The frames were recorded on one day during a walk with Asia Bieńkowska, who appeared in the clip.
“Our first meeting with Natalia took place during the ‘re_make’ concert Opera Leśna in Sopot in 2018, where we both performed. Enchanted by the timbre of her voice, I decided to invite her to join the song immediately, even though the idea for a new album was just emerging in my head. I am very happy that Natalia has filled ‚Złoto’ with her unique voice. I also wanted to create a specific atmosphere for the piece, which would provide a positive, peaceful background for the words, thus giving them a slightly different meaning. ” MaJLo