MaJLo – Healing


Singiel  / 11 May 2022

“Healing” is the first single announcing the new mini-album of the Gdańsk-based artist MaJLo. The album is a collection of stories for which childhood states as a core. The return to the carefree years is understood here as a journey to a safe place, which works as a form of escapism from the – often difficult – reality of an adult. Finding the inner child in oneself, pure joy and admiration for ordinary things, and children’s imagination, are the opposite of fears and anxiety

and the feeling of being overwhelmed by everyday life.
One of these stories is the latest release, “Healing”. The song refers to a moment of pure

rush of happiness – an emotion that, in its natural, childish form, appears in response to a persistent sense of threat and fear. It is a story about a wrong, catastrophic diagnosis and freeing oneself from it, which is embodied in the liberated dance of the main protagonist of the music video.

The music video was directed and recorded with an analog camera on 16mm tape by MaJLo himself.