keatsu – Inside Out


DL / 3rd June 2020

After a very positively received single “Serce”, the Gdansk-based artist keatsu presents his second song from the upcoming debut mini-album.

In the song ‘Inside Out’ you can clearly hear the influence of the sounds from the 90s. keatsu decided to use English this time, however, as in his previous song ‘Serce’, he takes listeners on a melancholic journey to the world of feelings and related observations. The video for the song is a kind of intimate souvenir that the artist created from various moments and memories.

keatsu about the song:

“‘Inside Out’ is about the first moments of youthful love, during which we are ready to accept all the faces of the other person. It is also about the hope that the feeling, which is just being born between two people, turns into love.”