cudoska – leaving


EP / 12 August 2022

The EP “leaving” is an album by cudoska to be released in August 2022 on behalf of the Seagull Ross record label. It consists of 5 songs that were created at different stages of the artist’s life. Nevertheless, they share the same theme – the motive of leaving. It is manifested in various images and stories told on the album. This thought may have negative associations – about end, loss, or loneliness. Cudoska, however, wants to draw attention to the positive side of departure, which symbolizes taking care of yourself – ending negative events and states, leaving in order to start a new, better way. At the same time, the artist wishes that the texts of the songs do not limit the interpretation of her experiences. She hopes that everyone will find their unique story in them, and thus their own emotions.


[1] river
[2] na dwa
[3] leave
[4] fine
[5] ring on my hand

Music: cudoska
Lyrics: cudoska
Guitar: cudoska
Production, mix, and mastering: Maciej Milewski
Violin: Asia Bieńkowska
Drums: Michał Wdowikowski & Kuba Kutera [leave]
Piano, Bass: Kuba Kutera [leave]
Recording: Kuba Kutera [leave]