cudoska – leave


DL / 2 June 2021

“leave” was created a few years ago, when words were accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. cudoska dreamed then about hearing her piece in a wider arrangement, for several different instruments, in new colors and dimensions.

Despite the fact that the song, through its title, can evoke sadness or melancholy in the audience, cudoska did not have such emotions when creating “leave”. The piece tells the story of someone who feels the need to leave the place where he lives. At the same time, with one’s departure, the person does not want to hurt anyone, so she decides to leave the light on in the room to keep them calm – after all, they are at home, in their bed, safe.

cudoska finds comfort and peace in “leave”, and the images and elements that she associates with the piece – light, window, or evening – are her interpretation, which does not constitute a guide for the piece. The author would like everyone to find their stories, emotions, and memories in her music.